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Emulator Setup エミュレータ

PCSX2 is a PlayStation 2 Emulator. This page will help you set the software up to play .hack//fragment online on the Netslum server.
Download and install the latest stable version or extract the portable version wherever you want it to be.
If you used the regular installed version of PCSX2 then the default location of the bios folder is Documents/PCSX2/bios and the plugins folder is C:/Program Files (x86)/PCSX2/Plugins.
If you used the Portable installation of PCSX2 then both of these folders are in the same folder you extracted the files to.
BIOS Files
The BIOS is essentially the core operating system of the PlayStation 2.
For legal reasons I can't provide a link to any BIOS files, but they are required to run the emulator.
Once you have obtained them, place them into the bios folder.
This is the DEV9 network plugin for PCSX2. It will allow your emulator to connect to the internet.
Download the x86 version, and extract it to the Plugins folder, then launch PCSX2, select "Config"→"Plugins/BIOS Selector" and then select CLR_DEV9 from drop-down menu.
Click Apply, then configure this plugin by clicking "Configure" next to the drop down box, clicking "Options" next to "Ethernet" and then selecting your network adapter from the drop down list.
Updated Graphics Plugins
The graphics plugin that comes with PCSX2 by default doesn't render fragment's network connection setup properly.
This fixed set of graphics plugins are compatible with PCSX2 1.4.0 and higher and allow the emulator to render fragment's built in network config, allowing you to set up your connection without the need of Sony's separate Network Connection Start-Up Disc.
Simply extract these files over the originals in the Plugins folder.
.hack//fragment Game Client
For legal reasons I can not provide a link to the game client. You will need to find a copy of the game yourself.
Once you've obtained it either put the disc in the tray or select it from the ISO selector in PCSX2, then move on to the next step.
Getting Connected ネットワーク接続
With Translation Patch
The Tellipatcher is a program that installs the latest translation files for the game and patches it so that you can use the Netslum server to play online.
Instructions for use are contained in the BBS post above.
Once you have followed the instructions you can launch the game in PCSX2.
Without Translation Patch
1up's Fragment Launcher
This tool written by 1UP will connect your game client to the Netslum server and apply a few other patches to the game.
Download the .elf file. Open PCSX2 and click System→Run ELF. Select the .elf file, wait for it to load and follow the onscreen instructions.
You will need to launch the game via the .elf file every time.

Optional オプショナル

This is a USB plugin for PCSX2 by Air Gamer (who also made CLR_DEV9). It will allow you to type with your keyboard in-game.
Download and extract the x86 version to the Plugins folder of your PCSX2 install then select this plugin from the Plugins menu.
Don't use this if you don't have a gamepad.
Area Server
The Area Server is NOT REQUIRED to play the game. It is used to create unique keywords and fields for you and others to play in online mode.