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Downloads ダウンロード

ELF Launcher
1UP's Patcher
Download the .elf file. On a real PS2 you can use whatever process you normally use to launch homebrew (google it or use the ISO Patcher below instead if you're unsure). On PCSX2 select the ISO or Disc Drive containing the fragment game client and go to File → Open Elf File. Wait for it to load and follow the onscreen instructions.
This homebrew might cause Offline mode to hang on a black screen. If this happens just launch the game normally instead of through the homebrew launcher.
ISO Patcher
Netslum Patcher
Download the netslum patcher files and extract them. Copy the fragment build 8.13 iso into the same folder as the extracted files, then run patch.bat and follow the instructions. The game client will then be directly edited to connect to the netslum lobby.
Area Server
CC2 Server // Netslum Server
The Area Server is NOT REQUIRED to play the game. It is used to create unique keywords and fields for you and others to play in online mode.
Click here for a quick guide on how to set up the area server.

Other Links リンク

Server Status
The status page gives you a live overview of currently connected players and Area Servers. If you can't access this page, it's very likely that the server is experiencing downtime, and you should contact Alkalime on Discord.
dotHackers BBS
The BBS is a forum that can be used to post technical information or meet other members of the community, since the one in-game doesn't work.

Netslum's Friends 友達

Legends of the Twilight
A budding Discord community dedicated to fragment.
The World VRChat
The World VRChat is a virtual reality implementation of many root towns and some field areas ripped straight from the .hack// PS2 games. It uses VRChat as a base, and includes various features like Chaos Gates, avatar selection, motion tracking and more.

Credits 認識

The software that netslum server runs on was developed by Coldbird, NCDyson, Mugi and Belldandu, and later modified by Alkalime and Bison.
.hack//, .hack//fragment, Area Server and all related assets and properties are property of CyberConnect2 Co., Ltd, All Rights Reserved.